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HIAS are day box-store, which I would like to share some information to make informed decisions about the holidays and Christmas. Who am I? I am an employee of HN, I run the electrical Department at the moment, but on my last day, just before Christmas the company. I hope you find some useful information. 1 Commission. HN stores are structured as a franchise partner, electrical computer below deck more different identities and pay structures across the country vary from shop to shop. In most cases, a variation or one of them is however TrueSales staff pays 10% of the profit from each sale. Sales staff is, in turn, say 1% of salesor total paid a combination of the two. If a seller $ 100 000 to $ 1. 000 per month your salary structure will be billing, or if it is available for $ 100. 000 per month, with a $ 20 000, who have $ 2000 victory at home. Each company can have its own structure. GE AND MASTERCARD LINE OF CREDIT. Sales representative salary is $ 10 00 for any new testimonials from customers who sign up. Flexirent ®-personal EASYWAYSales are often moving, offer this service, because each target store must come for treatment. Sales staff received 2% of the total sales in a transaction from $ $ $ 3000, that us net of $ 60. 00 more deals signed, virility ex y hgh energizer we have more $ $ and also physical rewards for winning. We guarantee-care/housing service with plans? Why are they so expensive? The answer is no, basically, to freedom, which leads to freedom we want for them. For example. Reviews buy $ 2000 TV with 1 year warranty, offers an extended warranty 4 years. The warranty on the computer about it perhaps $ 199-$229, more or less 10% of the purchase price. KEEP IN MIND! If the seller has reduced the computer is correctly tv warranty $ 1500 and reduced to about $ 149. The actual cost of the guarantee to the store is very small, such a price can cost $ 149 from approximately $ 30 -60. But as long as this provider you can as for 200 dollars in the purchase of $ 2 000. You can inflate the price to 300-400 dollars, to close, proposes to take a discount to its original price. Replacing standard costs less that $ 400These are $ 12. 00, knowing that you have offered only $ 68-$ 80, its profit. In most stores tag purple PVP have means that the item was the sky when evaluating the shops and can also cost you $ 0 in some cases pursuant to article in the system. SPIFFSIF, which for a given product, often and in many personal sales often delayed you will find a SPIFF $ $ behind the Earth. Sell a tv or a role model and I love this only 20-50-100bucks-extra in your pocket. HDMI and BUTTERThis CABLESOUR bread and is common in all branches. Cable and tables are so strongly marked, it's almost criminal. Cable, which costs $ 10 to more than $ 100 00 and often much more sold. Here is where our Commission $ $ on television to save and bag of money then blank in many cables. HDMI is the largest tear. You will be able to go into details, but let's just say that I have a 3D TV and I bought the player and a HDMI out of Hong Kong, it cost me $ 4 used. Perfect picture 00 wave plates are the same story as the fiber-optic cable. (9) if the seller is nice and very helpful, friendly and polite, is my sales experience. Do you think you're a lot, but it is more likely to be willing, the work points of 30 people and you get a nice Commission, sales. By 4 HDMI, 2 plates, go with cable TV clean screen new fiber cable audio system with Speaker wire and Mount. That could counter for you to keep, also apply to your car for you. Then go to step directly to the computer to see how much money the incredible sales. Then urged that his colleagues will show you how many you have. accordingly. 10 tech House. Our installation service is responsible for contractors and sales personnel numbers 5% of the total price for the installation value $ $. A piece of the wall to support us for $ 375 on $ 18. 00 and went strongly from any store, and Yes, it is expensive. Get your job until one considers their use. 11 wall brackets are markets very, very, very good, are responsible for huge profits. I remember selling the Ridge wall that had cost $ 15 store. 00 and easily had sold for $ 199Well ends so my wall of text, there is much more I could write, but I hope this gives you some insight, even with the boom period may run the Christmas shopping. I simply don't like HN lying me, it's hard for me to be there every day and to serve, exactly the people one thing is not my thing. To add weight to this article, if you are in one of the shops, there are two things. 1 remove the HDMI 2 meter area, then the head of the computer section, and others there to collect and both are clear that do the same, but it will be $ 249-$ 49. 2 before deciding to add the warranty for the product itself does not choose, so that you can see how the screen in the works of the seller, so you can see which suggested the real PVP, forget for the price of an article, which floats according to the selling price. Thank you very much,.